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When to book?

As soon as you have confirmed your date with your venue, you need to be making contact with me, I only make two cakes a week so my diary fills up really fast.

I will let you know straight away if I have space in the diary and then the fun part begins!

Consultations and tasting

Consultations take place by video call.

Its just so much easier for everyone this way, and has enabled me to do cake consultations with people from as far away as America, as well as elsewhere in the UK

This can be during the day, in the evening, and at weekends depending on availability.

It takes about forty minutes and gives us a chance to discuss all aspects of your day and what you require from your cake.

Tasting boxes are sent to all my confirmed couples though you may choose to order one before you book at a cost of £25.

This cost is then deducted when you decide to go ahead with your order.

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Cake Flavours

Unlike most cake makers I don't have a flavour list for you to choose from.

This is because I like your cake to be as individual on the inside as it is on the outside.

If you have favourite flavours as a couple then I will try to provide them for you.

From pistachio and passionfruit to blue bubblegum.

The possibilities are endless.

Paying for your cake

I don't have a price list! But don't panic,

this is just because I believe that, like everything else about your wedding'

your cake shouldn't be an off the shelf, one size fits all kind of cake.

You can find a basic price guide on the wedding cake gallery, but

after your video consultation, I will give you an accurate quote for the design you have chosen.

When you go ahead with your booking, then a non-refundable booking fee is required to reserve your chosen date, and a payment schedule will be discussed.

Nearly there....

The week of your wedding I will contact your venue to arrange delivery of the cake.

I will also liaise with any other suppliers to make sure there are no last minutes hitches.

You can sit back and relax knowing this is all taken care for you.

But if you do have any burning questions in the run up to the big day

Just drop me an email! 

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The main event!

On the day of your wedding I will deliver and set up your amazing cake at your venue.

I will leave all the allergen information with your venue, before taking my own photos, and leaving you and your guests

to marvel at your fabulous cake creation, and enjoy your fabulous day.

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